That's Life - April 4, 2018

On the corner of 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street North, in Three Hills, there stands a sign that reads, “Hang in There, April is Coming”. Well, April is here and I’m beginning to think that April should be changed out to May or maybe June.

As I write this “That’s Life”, it is minus 23 Celsius with a wind chill of minus 28. The weather man is suggesting more snow is on the way for the weekend. Why not, ski resorts have extended their spring season by one month and I guess we’ll see where that goes.

Good Friday will be remembered this year, for the snow and wind that created havoc on our highways. My wife and I were carefully driving back to Three Hills from Calgary around 1 pm Friday. We encountered a two vehicle and three vehicle crash south of highway nine on highway 21. These were both fender benders with no injuries. Visibility was a factor in these mishaps.

There is no reason to worry about the weather this weekend. Trochu Community Hall will be the place to be for the St. Mary’s Foundation Springfest Fundraiser. It does Saturday, April 7. There’s food and drink, along with auction action and live entertainment. Tickets are still available at Knievel Insurance and Balkwill’s Pharmacy or call Pat at 442-2394 or Ron at 442-3820.

Saturday, April 7 is also the date for the Annual Kneehill Historical Society Fundraiser Dinner and Auction. Entertainment is provided by Cowboy Poet B.J. Smith, along with tales of Kneehill County. Call 443-2092 or 443-1221 for tickets.

Someone will win $10,000 cash at the 39th Annual Three Hills Curling Club Cash Dance to be held on Saturday, April 21.

I remember the very first “Car Dance” as it was called in those days. We played tennis is the afternoon and I got a sunburn. A snow storm hit during the event and I recall joining others outside making snow angels.

It’s amazing what you’ll do when you’re 24 years old. Get your tickets for this big event at Adam B. Young Insurance.

Just in case you don’t spend a lot of time digging for information on the Province of Alberta website, I will mention impaired driving law changes.

Changes to Alberta’s alcohol and drug-impaired driving offences and sanctions come into effect April 9, 2018.

As of April 9, there will be zero tolerance for cannabis or illegal drugs in the bloodstream of Graduated Driver Licensing drivers, this includes alcohol.

There will be an immediate 90-day license suspension for impaired drivers, followed by participation in a one-year ignition interlock program.

Proposed new blood drug concentration limits will come into effect this year after federal legislation to legalize cannabis and update to the Criminal Code receives Royal Assent.

Oh yes, there’s more, much more. You don’t even want to know what happens to your insurance if you get charged with an impaired. Let me put it this way, “You can’t afford it”. Bottom line, do not drink and/or ingest cannabis and drive.

Upon the legalization of cannabis there will be more check stops than you will have ever imagined. Don’t become a statistic.

That’s Life.