That's Life - August 22, 2018

It is a proven fact that children learn better when they learn on a level playing field. That means having the proper “Tools For School”.

For many years Kneehill Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and generous donations from community members, organizations and businesses have helped support the needs of hundreds of young students in the Kneehill area.

The cost of school supplies continues to increase and that can be extremely stressful on the family budget, the parents and the students. Your cash donation to “Tools for School” will go a long way in helping a student become the best they can be.

Monetary donations can be made at Three Hills IDA, Trochu Balkwill’s Pharmacy, Carbon Grocery and the Village offices in Carbon, Acme and Linden. For a tax-deductible receipt, please make your cheque payable to Kneehill County - Tools for School.

Families that need the assistance of the Tools for School Program can call the Kneehill Regional FCSS office at 403-443-3800 or via email at

On the subject of wasps, don’t get stung, it really hurts.

Oh, I’ve had my share of wasp encounters over the years. On two separate occasions I put the blade of my electric hedge trimmers right through the middle of the wasp’s nest. Those are painful memories, but I survived.

Two summers back I was mowing grass around our patio area. Next to the fence was a Rubbermaid garbage bin. I bumped up against it with my lawn mower and my life changed. Yes, I was wearing shorts. Yes, I got stung multiple times. When my eyes and lips began to swell I was taken to emergency. It seemed I also had a body rash to compliment the bug eyes and lips that put Mick Jagger to shame. Luckily, my throat did not close up as some do in some cases.

I now carry an EpiPen and Benadryl just to be on the safe side.

Remember, wasps love garbage and they just love fruit trees and those apples that fall on the ground. When you are walking, keep a sharp eye on suspect areas that could attract wasps. Just try and avoid those areas.

It always amazes me to see those huge wasp nests once the autumn leaves have fallen. Some of those nests are home to about 15,000 wasps. And don’t forget, wasps are able to sting multiple times.

Now you really have something to look forward to.

That’s Life.