That's Life - September 5, 2018

And just like that September is upon us. The students are back in school. The geese are flying south and the beautiful fall colors are beginning to paint quite a different picture than summer green or brown, as it was in many areas within Kneehill County.

I’ve always said that the beginning of September is like someone flicking the on switch and rolling out the red carpets in our communities.

The Town of Three Hills is one of those communities that comes alive with its annual Discovery Night. This event is a must for new residents and a great refresher for those of us who have lived here our entire lives. Never say you know everything there is to know about your community. There is always a new service, sports program or organization for you to learn about and to become involved in.

Discovery night takes place Wednesday, September 5, at the Three Hills Curling Rink from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Bring the whole family and get in on the barbecue in support of KidSport Kneehill. The barbecue is by donation.

Last week I mentioned there would be 42 exhibitors at Discovery Night but that number has grown to 55. I hope to see you there.

We all thought harvest would be in the bin by now as we sweltered through mid to high 30 celcius temperatures just a few short weeks ago. My grass quit growing in July. Well, as usual, just when the combines started, the rain started as well. I’m told that anything harvested before the rain was very good quality with decent yields. Results vary throughout Kneehill County due to spotty rain.

I have to admit I thought for a brief moment that our Premier was going to scrap the carbon tax over the Trans Mountain Pipeline issue and then I woke up and realized the province will never back peddle on a cash cow like that.

I assume the United Conservative Party will scrap it, if they win the next election, but quickly replace it with a Provincial Sales Tax. They’ll make up the different one way or another. It’ll be interesting as we get closer to the 2019 Provincial election, to se how we are baited.

The annual Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Convention is coming right up and it’s always interesting to here the party leaders speak. There will be standing ovations because most of us were raised to be very polite people. At least it gives us an opportunity to stretch.

That’s Life.