That's Life - September 25, 2019

It’s a little hard to believe there is a Federal Election on in our readership area. A drive through Three Hills indicates that Conservative Party Candidate Damien Kurek has it in the bag. To date, there has been no campaigning by Geordie Nelson of the Green Party or David Michaud of the People’s Party of Canada. At press time there is no Liberal or NDP candidate in the riding of Battle River-Crowfoot.

The Capital will feature all candidate profiles for Battle River-Crowfoot and Bow River in our October 9 issue. Bow River has Martin Shields (Conservative), Thomas Lipp (Christian Heritage Party), Tim Ikert (People’s Party of Canada) and Riny Tuithof de Jonge (Green Party).

My wife and I took 10 days and enjoyed the rain in British Columbia’s interior. We got used to seeing great numbers of Liberal, NDP and Green Party support. When returning to Alberta we were greeted with a single Conservative sign. I said to my dear wife, “Man, if that doesn’t say something about Alberta, I don’t know what does.”

As I write this week’s That’s Life, I am celebrating my 65th birthday. That seems to be the thing to do for anyone born in 1954. For the icing on the cake I am joining my fellow councillors at a three-day conference of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. Close to 1200 delegates will gather in Edmonton to listen, learn and maybe even laugh a little during this annual event. We’ll hear from the Premier. We’ll hear from the Opposition. And we’ll hear from those who only wish they could, someday, lead our province.

Well, while we’re up in Edmonton listening, learning and laughing, it sounds like the bottom is going to fall out of our nice weather. Global news told me Calgary might see 20 cm of snow over the weekend. I’m going to start watching a warmer channel.

If you’re on the roads this weekend, please drive with extra care and caution as it becomes very slippery.

That’s Life.