That's Life - July 1, 2020

The summer months are upon us. Those days of soda and pretzels and it better not be beer, especially if you are operating a motor vehicle.

And remember, driving while intoxicated just doesn’t mean you’ve had too much to drink. You can also be impaired through the use of cannabis products and prescription medications.

“Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is criminal and dangerous. If you have consumed alcohol, don’t drive. Call a taxi, use a ridesharing service or designate a sober driver to get back home safely,” says Supt. Rick Gardner, Alberta Traffic Sherrifs. “We can avoid going through the pain of losing a loved one, or see them suffer from serious injuries due to a collision by respecting the rules of the road.”

“Throughout Canada Day long weekend in 2019, there were unfortunately four reported fatalities due to motor vehicle collisions in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions,” says Supt. Gary Graham, Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. “I want to remind our drivers that we all have a responsibility to ensure our roads are safe for all users, especially in the summertime when we expect increased traffic volumes across the province.”

This July, Alberta RCMP reminds road users to practise the following traffic safety tips:

• If you are in a construction zone, always slow down to ensure the safety of drivers, riders and workers.

• If you are cycling, you must always, obey traffic signals and yield right-of-way at uncontrolled intersections.

• If you use a trailer, make sure it is fully fastened, the lights, hitch, hook, wheels and brakes are working, and tires are in good condition.

The Alberta RCMP will continue to work with Alberta Sheriffs and other law enforcement and safety partners to ensure Albertans make the right driving decisions.

And here we are just breaking into summer and we’re hearing about drownings, while families are out enjoying the great outdoors.

July 19-25, 2020 is National Drowning Prevention Week.

According to statistics there are over 400 drownings in Canada each year. Most of these are preventable.

Due to heavy rains, our rivers and streams are running high and fast. You should do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay out of them for now.

And if you have children keep them back from the river’s edge. Once slip could see your child swept away in the blink of an eye.

Don’t just practice water safety during National Drowning Prevention Week, practice it throughout the year.

There are some real common sense tips that everyone should follow but some never do.

Supervise children in and around water. Do not participate in aquatic activities while intoxicated.

One of the most important tips is the one most often overlooked - wear a lifejacket when boating.

It is also extremely important to make sure that your personal floatation devices, otherwise known as lifejackets, are CSA approved, fit properly and make sure you have enough for everyone in your watercraft.

If you don’t wear a lifejacket because you’re afraid you won’t look cool, think of how cool you’ll look when you drown.

Sink or swim, it’s your choice. Play safe and bring them back alive.

That’s Life.