That's Life - September 9, 2020

The 40th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope will take on a different format due to Covid-19 but many locations will not allow the pandemic to stop Terry’s dream.

Virtual runs, across Canada, will be held on the official run date of Sunday, September 20. Some schools and communities will choose dates to fit their individual schedules.

You can register for the 2020 Terry Fox Virtual Run on-line simply by googling Terry Fox Virtual Run and click on “register today”.

Walk, ride, run, wherever you are. Around your neighborhood, back yard, down the street or around the block. Like Terry Fox said, ‘Anything is possible if you try.”

It’s the spirit of Terry Fox and the dedication of those who continue to cheer on his very spirit that has raised almost $800 million for cancer research.

One day. Your way. We will unite in spirit, not in person!

Now that September has arrived so has colder temperatures. The Labour Day weekend was chilly but we dodged a bullet when it came to the early snow that fell in some parts of Alberta.

Having spent 25 years as a part-time resident of Rochon Sands, Buffalo Lake, I have many memories of the year-end pig roast on the Labour Day weekend. Cold, wet, thankless weather that always ended with a sumptuous meal of roast pig. We almost froze to death but we ate well.

And let’s not forget the first-ever Big Valley Jamboree that actually took place just outside of Big Valley, Alberta on September 7, 1992. It snowed and the 15,000 campers setting up their tents for the weekend ended up in a sloppy field of snow and mud. Many packed up and headed home. Others stayed and as the sun came out Bryan Adams, Sass Jordan, Extreme and the Steve Miller Band all took to the stage on Labour Day, 48 hours later than originally planned.

Good old Alberta weather. Just wait five minutes.

The Capital has received quite a few complaints this year about people allowing their dogs to run off-leash. I admit, I’ve noticed quite a few myself.

Simply put, animals are not allowed to run at large in Three Hills. Please make sure yours is on a leash. Oh, and please remember to pick up after your pets. It’s your job to pick up their job.

That’s Life.