Ghost Pine News June 2, 2010

Monday morning sun is out and all the snow has melted - a wonderful start for the week.
Beauty And The Beast was such a hit that they held another performance on Sunday afternoon. Everyone attending thoroughly enjoyed the production.
Mary Poole of Blackfalds was a Tuesday visitor at the home of her parents, Grace and Watson Reed.
Bill and Helen Miller of Calgary spent a few days at the campground in Three Hills while visiting relatives and friends in the area.
Elena Johnson popped in to see her parents, Phil and Marion Johnson for a few days while enroute to her home in Vancouver after spending a month in Banff.
Vic and Elsie Garson have changed their 25th Wedding Anniversary Open House from June 6 to June 25.
Andy and Melba Kopjar had their daughter, Nancy and Orvil Shannon and children, Hailey, Conner, Summer and baby Aiden from Bluesky visiting them over the weekend. Connie and Alan Anhorn and son Luke joined them Saturday evening for dessert.
Paul and Pat Vasseur spent the long weekend in Grande Prairie to attend their grandson Matthew Weavell's graduation from St. Joseph's High School. There were 213 graduates. Also graduating was Kyle Hoffert, grandson of Richard and Yvonne Hoffert. Last weekend Paul and Pat again braved the snowy weather for the second weekend in a row and joined 35 other people and 18 RVs from around the province at Castor for a Neumar Rally. It started snowing Friday night and was still snowing Sunday morning when they left for home. Everyone enjoyed visiting and games in the clubhouse at the Golf Course.
Ruth Andrews returned Friday from Sooke, BC having spent two weeks with the Wittichs'. The trip was a belated birthday present from Greg and family and Janine and family. Also included was a trip on the Victoria Clipper to Seattle with Janine and Doug to take in a couple of the Toronto Blue Jay and Seattle Mariners' games and supper atop the Space Needle. The view was spectacular and the meal delicious. Doug had birthday greetings from the family put on the big TV screen at Safeco Field as well. The weather was freezing at the evening game and it rained, but they have a retractable roof to keep one dry, it just doesn't close in the sides so the wind still whipped in. The Jays won that one! Before returning to Victoria a tour of Pike's Market was taken. Seattle, Ruth found, was a nice friendly clean city and very hilly. It was a birthday that won't be forgotten.
Don't forget the Community Group meeting on June 8.
This week is Seniors Week, so help celebrate with Seniors Outreach.