Ghost Pine News - May 20, 2015

Weather is a very interesting topic isn't it? When we have seed in the around, we want it to rain, but if we want to go on a holiday, or there is a special event we want sunshine. We really are very selfish, aren't we? How can the poor old weatherman satisfy us all?
The Three Hills School Graduation Exercises went off without a hitch. Even though the weather was cold and damp, the grads showed up on stage looking great. We wish them well in their future plans.
Attending Mackenzie Andrews' grad were her cousins from Sooke, BC. They were Sean Wittich and wife Tricia, Kelsey and fiancee Mike Cooper and Kelby. They are Greg's sister Janine's family.
Happy Birthday wishes from the community go out to Sandy Sommerville. We wish you many more Sandy.
The Golden Hills Lodge was well entertained on Saturday afternoon when Elena Johnson held her book launch there. She was an excellent speaker and told of her time spent in the Alpine Tundra. Her book of poetry is about this area. Elena is the daughter of Phil and Marian Johnson. Hazel Arvidson is her grandmother.
Keeping up with the times, the Military Whist players met at the CommUnity Drop In on May 16. Those graduating with honors were Sandra Meding, Jim Sailer, Marlene Luijkx and Frank Richardson. Those just scraping through were Maria Olmstead, Bette Sitler, Art Luijkx and Edna Carey.
Bob and June Delgatty have recently moved to Robertson Manor. June is now close to her two sisters, Eleanor Stewart and Grace Siemens.