Ghost Pine News - July 1, 2015

Hot! Hot! Hot and dry! I just can't understand why people go south for the winter. They say that it is a dry heat, which is comfortable. Isn't our heat this year dry?
Whether it be hot, dry, cool or rainy, the whist players still get together at the CommUnity Drop In on Thursdays. On June 18, those in air-conditioning were Allen Huxley, Doreen Varga, Marlene Luijkx and Jim Sailer. Those suffering from heat exhaustion were Art Luijkx, Marie Olmstead, Bernice Huxley and Mic King. On June 25, they played again. Those who came in on high tide were Frank Richardson, Joan Tullikopf, Allen Huxley, and Delores Bauer. Those who had to settle for low tide were Marie Olmstead, Jim Sailer, Sharon Cooper and Inaka Bolt.
Recent visitors at Doug and Gaye Parker's home were Norm and Janice Parcell of Orem, Utah. The Parkers met these people on some of their trips south during the winter.
In this day and age, many of us think that children don' think of all the hardships that go on in the world. Suddenly, we are smartened up, by an event that takes place involving younger ones. Ten-year-old Kately Arthurs, who was blessed with a heavy head of beautiful hair, which she wore in two long braids, approached her mother. She said she wanted to have her head shaved for those less fortunate than herself. Kately has done this, taking in more than $5,000 as a result. Kately's parents are Derek and Sue Arthurs of Calgary and her grandma is Cheryl Myers (nee Davies of Ghost Pine). Way to go, Kately!
On Father's Day weekend, Karin and Ed Nakaska camped at Trenville along with Craig and Jen Fraser and little Cara. Visiting them there were Cheryl and Donnie Fraser of Lousana. From Pine Lake came Scott and Kelly Fraser and their children, Rebecca, Julian and Aubry. Karin and Ed also attended the Notre Dame High School Graduation Ceremony in Red Deer on Saturday. Their second great-granddaughter, Rebecca Fraser, was one of the graduates. A lovely family supper was held that evening.
Doug and Katie Flowers and son Dariel are on furlough from teaching in China/Tibet and have been visiting in the area along with their daughter, Deborah. Deborah has been attending Trinity Western University for the past two years and now Daniel will be enrolling in Trinity as well. They visited at Golden Hills Lodge last week and also spoke at Mt. Olive Prayer Meeting Wednesday evening. They will be in Alberta for part of the summer while Doug completes studies toward a further degree in education.
Pat Ruby visited Three Hills this past week to help John with some packing and visited her mother at the Lodge.
Manor Gospel Church people enjoyed a very special Father's Day weekend at Refuge Ranch. The young people went out on Friday night for an overnight retreat. And Saturday and Sunday families arrived and set up campers, trailers and tents. It is a marvelous facility for such an event. The kids spent hours in the bouncy castle and slide, as well as the water slide that is set up on the hill. There was pie-in-the-face amusement where people bid big bucks to 'pie' their choice of victim. The money raised will be used for sports equipment in a Winnipeg youth program sponsored by YFC.