Ghost Pine News - October 7, 2015

I understand that even through the weather hasn't cooperated, many farmers have finished harvesting. Let's hope that everyone is finished by next weekend, so they can relax and enjoy Thanksigiving.
Vern and Evelyn Clark of Camrose were recent visitors in Three Hills. They met with several of Evelyn's cousins at the Bell 720 Restaurant. There for the occasion were Eleanor Stewart, Grace Siemens and son Allan, Bob and June Delgatty, Ruby Reed and daughter Laurel, Marc Reed and Grace Reed and daughter, Eileen. They all had a great time visiting and getting caught up on all that has happened.
Joan Black from Thunder Bay, Ontario, was here to take part in the CGIT celebration which was held at Knox United Church the last weekend in September.
Hank and Tina Harbers of Lethbridge, spent last week with the Huxleys. Hank is Bernice's brother and was helping with the harvest.
Guess what happened on Sept. 24? You're right! The whist players were at it again. Those whose harvest of flags was bountiful were Pearl Hansen, Frank Richardson, Bill Marten and Bette Sitler. Those who looked like they had suffered drought were Sharon Cooper, Elizabeth Gorman, John Tullikopf and Inaka Bolt. There were two extra players this week, so while there was a mad scramble for flags, Allan Olmstead and Ken Weisenburger enjoyed some quiet games of cribbage. These people met again Oct. 1st. Those who raked the most leaves and won the prize were: Ken Weisenburger, Elizabeth Gorman, Frank Richardson and Delores Bauer. Those who couldn't find a rake were Art Luijkx, Jim Sailer, Bette Sitler and Inaka Bolt.
Wanda Pedersen of Calgary was a recent visitor at the home of her aunt, Grace Reed. She will soon be going on another bird-watching trip, into northern Manitoba.
September was a very busy month for Ed and Karin Nakaska. One of the highlights was a cruise to Alaska. They really enjoyed the beautiful scenery and were impressed by the view of the glaciers. They also rode the train that had taken miners to their destination during the time of the Gold Rush. At home, they were happy to have daughters and granddaughters, three of each, take part in the Drumheller Marathon.
Doug and Gayle Parker were happy to have their daughter, Amy Lemke and her two children visit this past weekend. Dylan and Abbey were able to have their yearly combine rides with Grandpa.
Rob and Judy Arvidson of Lethbridge were Sunday visitors at the home of his mother, Hazel Arvidson.
Just a reminder, the Ghost Pine ladies and friends will be having their coffee hour starting Oct. 13 at 10:00 am in the Atrium. Come and join us.