Ghost Pine News - November 11, 2015

The first weekend of November is over and we haven't had any winter yet. Isn't that great? Maybe it will arrive before the paper goes to press. Oh well, we're used to it.
Our apologies to the whist people for not getting their scores in recently. After the terrible fight for flags a while ago, they decided to take it to Court. On Oct. 22, they played Court Whist. The ones who won their cases were Elizabeth Gorman and Allan Olmstead. The ones fined were Sandra Meding and Sharon Cooper. On Oct. 29 they were back to normal. Those on top of the fence were Delores Bauer, Pearl Hansen, Art Luijkx, and Joan Tullikopf. Those caught in the barbed wire were Marie Olmstead, Glen Johnson, John Tullikopf and Mel Hansen. On Nov. 5, those proudly smiling were Bonnie Richardson, Marlene Luijkx, Bill Marten and Sandra Meding. Those with frowns were Elizabeth Gorman, Joan Tullikopf, Frank Richardson and Inaka Bolt.
Sandy Sommerville, who is a resident of Michener Centre in Red Deer, was very pleased to have Three Hills visitors last week. Those, who accompanied his son, Bruce, were Eleanor Stewart, Marc Reed, and Harold Richards.
Doug and Gayle Parker, Brian and Meryle Kester and Grace Reed were in Calgary on Friday to attend the funeral of Shirley Wilson. Our sympathy goes out to her five daughters and their families.
Mike and Chris Kiemeny and their daughter Adrianna were weekend visitors at the home of Chris parents, Allen and Bernice Huxley.
Sympathy of the community goes out to the relatives of Elma Scott, who passed away recently.
Bob and June Delgatty recently hosted a birthday party at Robertson Manor. There for the occasion were Ralph and Lois Hertzsprung, their daughter Colleen and husband Ian Charter, all of Calgary; Eleanor Stewart, Ruby Reed, and Grace Siemens and son Allen from Three Hills. Those who celebrated birthdays were Grace and Ralph. A great time of visiting was enjoyed by all.
Greg and Anne Frolek have just returned from visiting their daughter, Marianne and family in Phoenix, Arizona.