Ghost Pine News - February 17, 2016

Whether the groundhog saw his shadow or not, the weather has been beautiful. Do you think winter will return in March?

On Feb. 9, the Ghost Pine Ladies and friends had their usual coffee hour at the Atrium. There were 11 in attendance and everyone had a very enjoyable time. Come join us when we meet again at 10:00 am Feb. 23.

Can you imagine, the whist players met on Feb. 4? Those who stood straight and tall with no shadows were: Mic King, Bill Martin, Ken Weisenburger and Pearl Hansen. Those who retired to their burrows were Elizabeth Gorman, Allen Huxley, Joan Tullikopf and John W. What do you think happened on Feb. 11? Those who placed high in the ranking were Frank Richardson, Art Luijkx, Bernice Huxley and Mic King. Those on kitchen duty were Sharon Lee, Jim Sailer, Marie Olmstead and Joan Tullikopf.

Birthday wishes from the community go out to Shirley McKibbon, who celebrated her 90th birthday on Valentine’s Day. For this occasion, several of her nieces and nephews took a potluck dinner to Westview Community Care, where she resides. Everyone enjoyed their time together.

Chris and Ruth Pelletier of Picture Butte spent the weekend in Three Hills, visiting Ruth’s parents, Watson and Grace Reed.

Weekend visitors at the home of Al and Stella Atkinson were Patrick and Peggy Atkinson and family from Old Wives, Sask. Patrick is Al’s nephew. Also there from Calgary was Al and Stella’s daughter, Janet de Bruijn and grand-dog Tax!

Eleanor Stewart was very happy to have Taz and Faye Urano of Taber, visit her recently. Faye is Eleanor’s daughter.