Ghost Pine News - March 16, 2016

We certainly can’t complain about the weather over the last few weeks. We shouldn’t complain period, What good does it do?

Hazel Arvidson has really enjoyed herself over the last week. She has been in contact with family and friends. The reason - she celebrated her 97th birthday March 7.

Hal Reed of Taber visited his parents, Watson and Grace Reed last Wednesday. He says they are starting to think about planting potatoes in the south country.

Sympathy of the community goes out to the families of Yvonne Braconnier, whose funeral was held on March 5.

Condolences also go out to Melba Kopjar, whose sister passed away recently.

On still another sad note, we offer sympathy to the family and friends of Joan Vasseur, who passed away in Calgary on Sunday.

When the whist players met on March 3, they were all at peace again. Those in the forefront were Allan Olmstead, Sandra Meding, Mel Hansen and Bonnie Richardson. Those in hindsight were Elizabeth Gorman, Jim Sailer, Ken Weisenburger, and Delores Bauer.

When they played again on Monday the 10th, I am thankful to say they were still quite peaceful. Those who had the smoothest feathers were Elizabeth Gorman, Ken Weisenburger, Inaka Bolt and Sandra Meding. Those who were slightly ruffled were Marie Olmstead, Mic King, Mel Hansen and, of course, Morris (whoever he is)!

Eight of the Community Group Women and friends had another pleasant time at the Atrium on March 8th. Why don’t you join us?

Manor Church enjoyed a mission report on Sunday morning.  Dale and Faith Henkel led a team of nine volunteers from Manor to El Salvador to install water filters supplied by Samaritan’s Purse. The temperature was around 38-40 degrees, so the temptation to have some water fights was irresistible.  They did have pictures to show that they did work together as well as play.