Ghost Pine News - April 20, 2016

With such beautiful spring-like weather, are we getting in too big a hurry to work in our yards or plant seeds? We often have snow and cold in late April or early June!

I can tell from some of the whist scores that some people have returned from the South. On April 7 those that rose with the sun were Allen Huxley, Sharon Lee, Marlene Luijkx and Mic King. Those who hid in the clouds were Elizabeth Gorman, Frank Richardson, Inaka Bolt and Bonnie Richardson. With great enthusiasm they met again on April 14. They all claimed they would win but the only ones that did were Frank Richardson, Ken Weisenburger, Mic King and Delores Bauer. Those eating humble pie were Allen Huxley, Doreen Varga, Marlene Luijkx and Jim Sailer.

Get well wishes from the community go out to Corinne Lawson, who is recovering from surgery. Corinne is the daughter of Val Kopjar.

Tuesday, April 12 was a fun time at the Atrium. The Ghost Pine Ladies and their friends got caught up on all the latest news. There were an even dozen in attendance.

On April 6, a little girl, Indie Sophia Hope, was born to Brody and Jodie Jespersen of Lethbridge. Proud grandparents are Hal and Marilyn Reed  of Taber. Prouder great-grandparents are Allan Peterson and Watson and Grace Reed.

Manor Church hosted their annual spring barbecue on Friday evening.  The turnout was excellent as neighbors  gathered to enjoy a bountiful table of salads and desserts as well as the hamburgers and hot dogs.  It was also an opportunity for the farmers to check up on who had started seeding and who was waiting another few days. What a great community!