Ghost Pine News - May 4, 2016

Over the past two weeks some of our farmers have gotten brave and are starting to fertilize and seed. We wish them well in their endeavours.

Sympathy of the commuity goes out to the family of Olla Trentham, who passed away on Saturday.

Eleven Ghost Pine Ladies and friends had heir coffee hour last Tuesday. As the Atrium is closed, we had it at Prairie’s Dining Room. It will be there again when we meet on May 10. Don’t forget to come!

Ken Huxley and friend Tammy recently hosted a dinner to celebrate his mother, Bernice’s birthday, as well as Allen and Bernice’s wedding anniversary. Mike and Christine Kiemeny and daughter Adrianna came from Strathmore. Also in attendance were Ken’s children Terri and Anthony as well as Ray and Carol McKeen.

Are you ready for the whist scores on April 21? Those who scaled the mountain tops were Mic King, Ken Weisenburger, Bette Sittler and Bonnie Richardson. Those who sat on mole hills were Sharon Cooper, Mel Hansen, Edna Kary and Art Luijkx.

Some of the same names appeared again when they played on April 28. Those who were the cream of the crop were Mic King, Allen Huxley, Doreen Varga and Mel Hansen. Those who drank skim milk were bonnie Richardson, Bernice Huxley, Bill Martin and John Tullikopf.

A Reed cousin luncheon was held recently in Robertson Manor. Bob and  June Delgatty, who live in the Manor, hosted it. Ralph and Lois Hertzsprung came from Calgary. Evelyn and Vern Clark came from Camrose and Eunice Berreth and Elaine Garrett came from Olds. Those from Three Hills were Eleanor Stewart, Marc Reed, Grace and Allen Siemens, Ruby Reed and Grace Reed. It was a fun time for everyone.

Phil and Marian Johnson spent some time in Toronto getting acquainted with their new little granddaughter, Evelyn Marinuzzi. Proud parents are Tony and Krista Marinuzzi and a prouder great-grandma is Hazel Arvidson.