Ghost Pine News - May 18, 2016

Mother’s Day has passed and I hope all of you moms had a happy one. I think every day should be Mother’s Day, don’t you?

Tom and Karen Ferguson spent a few days recently at Blood Indian. They relaxed and also enjoyed boating and of course, fishing.

Ed and Karin Nakaska were in Edmonton recently to attend the first communion of Moira Hopkins, daughter of Larry and Maurene Hopkins. They then spent Mother’s Day with Lonnie and Cheryl Fraser of Lousana.

Meryle Kester and daughter Donna, along with Reta Jenken and daughter Heather enjoyed the Mother-Daughter golf tournament in Trochu.

Last Tuesday, eight Ghost Pine ladies enjoyed their coffee hour at Prairie’s dining hall. The next few Tuesdays we will meet at the Farmer’s Market. On Tuesday, June 14 we will be back at Prairie. Hope to see you there.

If you want an exciting Thursday evening, just join the whist players at the CommUnity Drop In. On May 5, those who hit the bull’s eye were John W., Allen Huxley, Bonnie Richardson and Mic King. Those who completely missed the target were Glen Johnson, John Tullikopf, Art Luijkx, and Bette Sittler.

On May 12, those who were the sharpest were Sandra Meding, Pearl Hansen, Jim Sailer and Allen Huxley. Those who fell flat were Frank Richardson, Glen Johnson, Mel Hansen and Inaka Bolt.

Ray and Carol McKeen enjoyed a weekend visit with their Aunt Eve (Ruby) Bowie who drove down from Red Deer. She was a co-vender at the Carbon Spring Market, visited by a cousin Jackie Ruby as well as Allen and Bernice Huxley, toured Three Hills lifestyle, and was thrilled to meet for a 37-year catch up with a Red Deer Welsh’s Western Wear co-worker Dianne Beeton and husband Ralph.

The family of Jackie Ruby honored her on her 85th birthday, Saturday, May 7, at the Kneehill CommUnity Drop In Centre.  A great time of visiting was enjoyed by all the family, numbering about fifty.

The annual Mother’s Day breakfast was held Sunday at St. Anne’s Parish in Trochu. Breakfast was prepared by members of the Knights of Columbus.

Visiting Andy and Irene Nakaska on Mother’s Day weekend were their daughter Donna and Kelly Odland of Lethbridge and granddaughter Brianna, John Prescott and sons Elliot and Oskar of Calgary.