Ghost Pine News - July 13, 2016

What a wonderful parade Three Hills had last Saturday. How fortunate they were to have good weather for all of the things going on at Anderson Park. The evening was another story.
Birthday wishes from the community go out to Marc Reed who celebrated his 90th birthday on June 30. He has had about six parties to celebrate.
The whist people met on June 30 at the CommUnity Drop-In. Three tables took part. Those who lead the parade were Bernice Huxley, Sharon Lee, Joan Tullikopf, and Jim Sailer. Those who took up the rear were Bonnie Richardson, John Tullikopf, Ken Weisenburger, and Sandra Meding. When they played again on July 7, those who hit home runs were Bonnie Richardson, Sharon Lee, Jim Sailer, and Marlene Luijkx. Those who struck out were Frank Richardson, Bill Martin, Joan Tullikopf and Bette Sittler.
Brian and Meryle Kester recently spent a week holidaying at Radium, BC. Later in the week, Darren and Jenna Kester joined them. They all had an enjoyable time.
Allen and Bernice Huxley spent a few days in Lethbridge last week, visiting their son Donnie and his family. They took in some baseball games where their grandson Alex played in the Summer Games. Bernice visited some of her relations as well.
Ed and Karin, Andy and Irene Nakaska travelled to St. Paul, AB on July 1st weekend to attend the 87th birthday party for Margaret Michaud (Muchka).
Dianne Leaf was pleased to have a visit with her daughter, Julie, recently. Julie brought her friend, Shannon Ferhr, who is the band director at Queen Elizabeth High School in Calgary. The two of them put on a private concert of piano and flute which was most enjoyable. Since Shannon left a piece of original music on Dianne’s piano, she is sure they will return for another concert and to retrieve the sheet of music.