Ghost Pine News - November 23, 2016

We can just hear the sighs of relief from all the farmers who have finished harvesting. Now everyone can hunker down and be ready for winter. Do you think it will ever get here?
How many of you attended one of the Remembrance Day Services? I attended the one at Three Hills School It was extremely well done. This is a real learning experience for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
Ray and Carol McKeen had the pleasure of their Aunt Eve (Ruby) Bowie down from Red Deer for a visit. She was a vendor helper at the Linden Fall Fair market; was treated to a 89th birthday turkey dinner at Swalwell; spent time with Jackie Ruby; and enjoyed a safe drive home.
Allen and Bernice Huxley were having their daughter Christine Kiemeny and granddaughter Adrianna spend the weekend with them.
Gayle Parker and granddaughter Ava, along with Meryle Kester, recently attended their Aunt Marian Davies’ 95th birthday celebration.
Our faithful whist players did their usual on Nov. 10. Those who basked in sunshine were Ella Lammle, Bill Marten, Allen Huxley and Inaka Bolt. Those who foundered in the fog were Mel Hansen, Mic King, Frank Richardson and Bette Sittler.
On Nov. 17, when there was a rerun of events, those who rose above the heat of the game were Jim Sailer, Doreen Varga, Frank Richardson and Pearl Hansen. Those left among the cinders were Glen Johnson, Ella Lammle, Allen Huxley and Sharon Lee.
Ed and Karin Nakaska spent last weekend in Edmonton visiting Maureen and Larry Hopkins and family. On Sunday, Karin, Maureen and her two girls attended Mama Mia at the Jubilee Auditorium. Oh, by the way, if you had been at the Nakaska farm, you would have found Karin out picking pretty yellow flowers. They weren’t dandelions either.
Manor Church held their annual harvest pot-luck on Friday night. It was most enjoyable, with many farmers giving thanks for the remarkable harvest weather in November.
Manor Church welcomed their team of six who had just returned from a Samaritan’s Purse sponsored trip to Cambodia. They were involved in installing water filter and latrines. When they went to visit one lady, she was so excited to show them her latrine. Her family had always just gone to the rice paddy out back and now had privacy and decency!