Ghost Pine News - December 7, 2016

Can any of you remember a more beautiful November than 2016 brought us? Well, button up - I fear December has a true winter coming for us. We must remember that the first day of winter is on Dec. 21.
The Three Hills CWL held their Christmas get-together after Mass on Sunday. They had a great time of fellowship at the Bell 720 Restaurant.
Lori Webb joined the rest of the Royal Bank girls for their Christmas party. They took in the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market in Calgary.
Sympathy of the community goes out to the families of Jackie Ruby whose funeral was held last Saturday.
The Ghost Pine Ladies and friends had a wonderful time at their last coffee hour at the Atrium. There were eleven in attendance and you can’t even imagine what their topic of conversation was.
You can’t hold those whist players down. They played on Nov. 27. Those who skated over the ice with glee were Allen Huxley, Sharon Lee, Mel Hansen, and Marie Olmstead. Those who slipped and fell were Delores Bauer, Bernice Huxley, Marlene Luijkx and Allan Olmstead. They celebrated the beginning of December playing again. Those who whistled through their games were Ella Lammle, Ken Weisenburger, Frank Richardson and Delores Bauer. Those who moaned and groaned were Allen Huxley, Inaka Bolt, Mel Hansen and Marlene Luijkx.
Watson and Grace Reed were very happy to have some of their family home last week. Hal Reed came from Taber, Allen Reed from Didsbury and EIleen Reed from Erskine. Eileen stayed over and took her mother to St. Mary’s Christmas party on Friday.