Ghost Pine News February 2, 2011

Ghost Pine has had a quite a January - between snow, cold, inclement weather and deaths.
Our sympathy goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones in January: Anne Frolek's father, Albert Cooper, Sally Ohlhauser, Martha Larson's husband Arnold, Alice Brietzke, Elsie Garson's husband Victor and Carol McKeen's mother, Nora Ruby (nee Huxley),  Evelyn Jeffery and Ralph Smeal's mother, Irene.
Get-well wishes to Doreen Varga and Stan Milan who were recent patients in Drumheller Hospital.
Three Hills CommUnity Drop In Centre hosts military whist every Thursday night. On Jan. 6, four tables of military whist were played with winners Inez Page, Donna Pride, John Tullikopf and Neil O'Shea. Losers were Frank Richardson, Pearl Hanson, Darrel Pride and Bernice Huxley. Military Whist was cancelled Jan. 12 because of cold weather and on Jan. 20, three tables were played. Winners were Donna Pride, Inaka Bolt, Neil O'Shea and Grace Mossop. Losers were Elizabeth Gorman, Darrel Pride, Frank Richardson and Inez Page. Winners of Military Whist on Jan. 27 were Frank Richardson, Neil O'Shea and Bernice Huxley. Losers were Inez Page, Inaka Bolt, Allen  Huxley. See you next Thursday!
Bryan and Eileen McComish of Erskine spent Friday visiting their mothers Bernice McComish and Grace Reed and Eileen's dad, Watson Reed, who is a resident at St.  Mary's Continuing Care in Trochu. Ruth Andrews returned mid-January after visiting with her daughter Janine and Doug Wittich for two months at Sooke, BC.
Kelly King of Enfield, Nova Scotia spent last week visiting with family - Harold and Jan King and Cara; David, Lori and Jordyn; and Evelyn and Norman King.
Dianne Moran and Eleanor Kubinec took thieir mother, Jackie Ruby, to Calgary on Friday to help Lorri Weir celebrate her coming 50th in February. Also coming for the "Sisters Weekend" was Pat Ruby and Lorri's daughter, Krista Weir. They stayed at the Holiday Iinn and had lots of laughs, returning home late Saturday afternoon.
Ghost Pine Community Group had their first meeting of the year Jan. 25 at the Chateau. The treasurer reported that the group donated over $1400 to local charitable organizations last year. Flowers and cards reported sending over 45 cards for sympathy, get-well and thinking of you, anniversary and birthday and nine cookie boxes were sent to people outside the group. Our next meeting is Feb. 8 at the Chateau. Anyone is welcome.
Everyone enjoyed Brent Butt, who performed at Trochu Hall last week. It was a sell-out crowd.
Hats off to organizers for their tree burning and fireworks display on Saturday night.