Seniors Outreach - October 18, 2017

How important is a Seniors Center to the local community? This question has come up a few times during the last few years. So, one does a bit of research and observation to try find some understanding about this question.

A Seniors’ Centre is often identified as providing the following:

A community focal point and useful space for organizational, club, family and get-togethers. In Kneehill County, these organizations are identified and viewed as a centre which provides for recognition of the seniors within the local community. We all know them, usually by name – e.g. Drop-In Centre, Seniors Association, Club, etc. Further to this, the Centre is a space that may be rented for various activities within the community and even be a draw to the community depending upon the event that is held in the space.

Educational and informative sessions, often monthly, that expand and develop one’s understanding of areas that affect us in this ‘season of life’ that we call maturity, old-age, senior time, etc. The Centre often provides some insight into the following and many other areas:

• Life changes

• Medical assistance

• Pensions and government forms

• Various conditions: Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke, Falls Prevention, etc.

• Green Sleeve and medical information systems

• Wills, Power of Attorney and/or Personal Directives

• Presentations on various Trips and Excursions

• Military and Service History

• Alert systems

• Protection against Scams and Fraud

Identification of local area resources such as transportation options, medical supports, etc.

Older Adults have a ‘coffee and snack time’ or ‘potluck’ to keep the visiting/social time going in the community. This is a time to share, eat, talk, and gain connections within the local area.

Game(s) and fun events to share and/or compete with others of similar age range and skill.

Volunteer opportunities in hosting, sharing food recipes, working on short term projects around the facility or related outbound activities as possible.

A place to go to just “get-out-of-the-house”.

Other studies have indicated that the impact of seniors’ centres reduces the risk of depression, helps to reduce cognitive decline and definitely enhances social connectedness. []

Seniors Outreach is available to identify the seniors centres in the various Kneehill County communities and constantly seeks to support them and to provide services and informational presentations in conjunction with them. If you are in the elder season of life, try to connect and be part of the seniors centre in your community or area. You’ll be glad you did!