Seniors Outreach - October 25, 2017

Jeopardy Time:

Answer: By 2020 we (the organization dealing with _____) will:

Remove 10,000,000 kg of sugar from Canadian diets;

Achieve 1,000,000 more recommended test targets;

Prevent 500,000 cases of ___________ and ____________.


Why remove the sugar from our diets?

Sugar is linked to weight gain and this increases the risk factors for _____________.

Over consumption itself increases the risk of developing _________ regardless of the weight gain.

Why do we need to achieve so many more test targets?

People with ______ need regular assessments of their blood pressure, cholesteral, average levels of blood sugar, kidney functions, eyes and feet to avoid and delay complications.

Many people do not receive the recommended tests to prevent complications as frequently as they should.

Why do we seek to prevent _____ with such a focus?

Some risk factors are out of our control (e.g age, ethnicity).

We have some control through the food we eat and physical activity levels.

Some risk factors such as availability of healthy foods, cost of healthy foods, and/or not having the financial ability to purchase such foods are risk factors in themselves.

Jeopardy Time:

Question: What is Diabetes!

Surely we get the picture of this disease which influences so many in Kneehill County, in Alberta and in Canada. By their statistics, Diabetes Canada has estimated (2016) that every

Three minutes another Canadian is diagnosed with diabetes, joining the 11 million who already have diabetes or prediabetes.

Everyday, hundreds of Canadians will be rushed to the hospital emergency with diabetes related heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, vision loss or wounds needing an amputation. [Source: Improving the health of every Canadian: 2016-2020 brochure by Diabetes Canada.]

To think, this is in large part preventable through the eating of healthier foods, weight loss when appropriate and a reasonable amount of physical exercise!

We have all been told: You can do it! The Question is: Will we try!

Seniors Outreach often provides information meetings regarding Diabetes, provides connections to local and regional diabetes workshops and seeks to promote healthier living, eating and exercise through programs that we provide. Check this out with your health care practitioners and if we can be of assistance, contact Seniors Outreach.