Seniors Outreach - November 1, 2017

A season of excitement, happiness, busyness, joyfulness and an end of the year celebration. Christmas is coming!

This celebration is indicative of goodwill to all men and women, boys and girls, all humanity. As such we often develop a view that most assuredly everyone that is over the age of vast majority (65+) has some family and someone who will buy them presents and keep them for the holidays.

What is often not so clear is that for various reasons, some older folks do not have family and/or friends close at hand to have Christmas day or any other holiday time with. And, as such, it is often the situation that no one has brought them a Christmas gift.

In trying to meet some of the needs, a partnership has formed consisting of the “Me to We” club at the Three Hills School, Seniors Outreach and other school groups in Kneehill County. These folks have banded together to, once again, do the ‘Gifts for Grandparents’ program. This program is looking for donations of items (puzzle/sudoko booklets, socks, gloves, candy, treats, diabetic treats, small gift items, et.c) and/or financial support to put together Gift Bags as recognition of those Seniors who do not have a great deal of support from family/friends and appreciate the further gift of caring about them.

Last year the school program and Seniors Outreach put together approximately 50 Gifts for Grandparents to be given out across Kneehill County. The response for 2016 was phenomenal. Through this time we were able to provide much needed encouragement for those seniors who are less fortunate.

Look for the large donation boxes at the local schools (Acme, Carbon, Linden, Three Hills, and Trochu) and some businesses in the County. Should you not be able to find a place to put your donations or give financially to the program, please contact Seniors Outreach at 403-443-2555 and we can direct you to your local contact or donation spot.

Please think of others during this time and be supportive of the ‘Gifts for Grandparents’ program through the next few weeks. Donations will be accepted until Monday, December 11, 2017. After this the program personnel and some of the children at the school will have the decorated bags ready to do the ‘stuffing of the bags’ procedure and be involved in a delivery time possibly the week before Christmas.

The kids are excited, Seniors Outreach staff and volunteers are excited, and as you get excited about this season of the year, we can all be encouraged about doing for others that which we would love to have done for us – giving and not being as concerned about getting. This is an exciting program for all age groups in Kneehill County to be involved in!

Look forward to your giving spirit! Thank you.