Seniors Outreach - May 30, 2018

To keep seniors updated for Seniors Week and to keep all of our brain functions in gear – here are some teasers. Feel free to bring the answers to our annual meeting and luncheon at the CommUnity Drop-In Centre in Three Hills, on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

What event during Seniors Week includes the following:

1. Learning about a new product and a business that is unique to all seniors? (Two choices: a. and b.)

2. Challenging one another in a game?

3. Where does one get a free ticket for a Seniors Week draw for prizes?

4. Where are you able to find out about Seniors Outreach as an organization?

5. Where does one learn about the future of a health survey?

6. Tasting ‘Real Food’?

Seniors Week is a major program for Seniors Outreach. In this cooperative volunteer and staff facilitated activity, Seniors Outreach is able to bring together a tremendous number of volunteers, provide for a variety of focused seniors activities and round out our year as an organization.

Throughout our year, we are constantly attempting to do things that challenge, encourage, promote wellbeing, and enable seniors to function within their means and community. As we continue from year to year, our mission is to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities, services throughout Kneehill County and advocacy for seniors at both federal and provincial levels. These continue to be provided through programming such as:

a. Transportation: Weekly local, Monthly regional and Specialty Trip Busing as well as Caring Cars, etc.

b. Education: through Monthly Information Meetings/Seminars.

c. Visitation: Caring Callers, Caring Visitors.

d. Meals On Wheels: hot meals and/or frozen meals in most centres in the County.

e. Services: office hours in most communities in the County to provide service provision, support and facilitation for government forms and programs.

f. Advocacy: phoning with seniors to Service Canada and Alberta Supports as well as to other organized programs for seniors in order to enable them to access the needed supports.

g. Intergenerational activities.

h. Gifts for Grandparents: voluntary activity and donations providing Christmas gifting for seniors without family, supports or in difficult circumstances.

i. Seniors Week: in conjunction with the Provincial Seniors Week focusing on activities, events, and promotions that support seniors during the first full week of June each year.

j. Lifeline: personal support technology – sign ups, financial support and installation of this technology.

k. Support Groups: Parkinsons, Grief & Loss, etc.

l. Elder Abuse Project: Connection of stakeholders such as Service Providers, Businesses, Police, Victim Services, Ministerial, Adult Learning, Financial Institutions, etc. in order to develop a protocol to deal with elder abuse situations.

m. CommUnity Drop In Centre: oversight and coordination of the Three Hills Seniors Centre.

n. Link To Health: An reasonable exercise program for seniors.

Other programming is developed as needed and/or as volunteers become available.

Please check out our Seniors Week activities, join us and connect with seniors across Kneehill County. Contact us at 403-443-2555 or 1-888-443-2555 (Carbon).