Trochu News October 23, 2013


A few events worth marking your calendar for: Oct. 25 - Trochu Golf and Country Club Fall Supper and Dessert Auction; Oct. 25 Randy Lacey Book Signing at Trochu Library; Nov. 28 Arboretum Christmas Market at Trochu Hall; Nov. 29 School Resource Officer Fundraising Dinner, Decorated Tree Auction and Dance, Trochu Hall.
The Trochu Farmer's Market has come to a close for this year. To be honoured for their volunteering efforts are Bruce and Sandra Guard and Kent Knudsen. When asked why they wanted to start a Farmer's Market in Trochu two years ago, Bruce said it was requested by many citizens of Trochu, and he just wanted to fill a need here. Bruce is happy with how the Market has been, with an average of seven to ten vendors per week. Sandra manages the concession which consists of burgers, snacks, desserts and coffee. Anyone can be a vendor at this market, so get your name in for next year. I was asked by a local woman to please cover this story, because she so enjoyed her Thursday nights over at the Bruce Guard Centre shopping for locally grown produce and enjoying a meal while visiting with locals.
Bruce has been a member of the Trochu Lions Club for 40 years, and Kent for 10. Bruce is the treasurer, runs the driving range, works at the drop-in one day a month with both Sandra and Kent. These three also host the Stampede Brunch at St. Mary's Health Care Centre during Stampede week. Don't forget to get your annual Hawaii Draw tickets from a Lions Member. This draw has been going for 39 years!
Short and sweet this week folks, due to a terrible sore throat and cough. Be sure to drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and put a spoon of honey in your hot water. (that's what the Dr. told me, and seems to be helping).
That's it for This Week in Trochu.