Trochu News October 30, 2013


Trochu author Randy Lacey

October is Small Business Month. How about keeping your money in your own community when possible, and pick something up in Trochu today? Speaking of business, I've just come from Trochu's annual general meeting. I'm happy to report that a whole bunch of seats were full and lots of topics were discussed. I don't want to give anything away, but will say that things are going to be happening in Trochu, let me tell you!  If you want to get involved, just come on out to our next meeting on Monday, December 2. It will be a terrific start to your day. I promise to keep you informed on coming events, and anything else you should know, about the chamber.
Hallowe'en is just around the corner, so I'd better get downtown and buy some treats. I purposefully do NOT buy them early anymore, as they seem to walk off on their own.  (and our clothes seem to get a little tighter.). We are supposed to have a warmish and dry October 31 this year, so enjoy!
After waking up to snow on Sunday morning, was sure glad to have picked up a snowblower last week!  Now maybe we can clean the neighbours driveway before he gets to ours! We have an awful lot of snow angels on Poplar Ave.  Right Carol and Greg??  Glad also to have spent some time in the yard the past two weekends making things ready for winter. I still have a few bulbs to get in the ground though.  maybe I'll just force them in the house in pots, and have beautiful hyacinth by Christmas-time. If you've never forced bulbs before, here are a few simple steps:  Any container will do.   Put rocks, (from the yard, or pretty coloured ones found at the local dollar store) about two inches from the top, in your container. Push spring bulbs (very affordable in most stores now), half way, root side down, into the rocks.  The top half do your bulb will be exposed, the bottom half buried in the rocks.  Tip: to keep flower stocks from getting too tall reaching for light, add 1 teaspoon of alcohol, any type, even rubbing alcohol will do, into a jug of water.  Next, pour that water into your rock and bulb filled container, and viola, by Christmas time, you will have beautifully smelling spring planters to give family and friends, or keep for yourself to adorn your table.
Did you make it to the library on Friday afternoon and pick up your copy of Blind Ambitions by Randy Lacey? I know I left work early to take a nap and be ready for an interesting afternoon with Randy,  before heading off to the Turkey supper at the hall.  My nap was so terrific, I woke refreshed and forgot all about the book signing!  I've made a few calls tho, and heard that it was great success, with books sold and signed, and lots of visiting.  Next time, I'll set an alarm AND write myself a note!
The Trochu Golf and Country Club's turkey supper was also a huge success.   They definitely did NOT run out of turkey, as promised, or anything else for that matter.  It was a lovely meal, finished off with silent auction and a dessert auction that brought in a sweet penny too! The girls did a terrific job.
We'll that's about it, for This Week in Trochu.  Don't forget to get your flu shot, and stay healthy Trochu!