Trochu News November 13, 2013

While busily putting up lights at the Arboretum for the Christmas Season, Dave Parrish found a geocache! When he sent me an e-mail, full of excitement, I let him know I knew about this site for a couple of years now. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, but love to hang out with your family, in the great outdoors, look up geocache online, and see what the buzz is all about. And yes, our Trochu has it's own site. About three summers ago, Three Hills hosted one of Canada's largest geocache weekends! So much info and fun. We met people from all over the place, near and far. If you have a GPS or geocache finder, you will be well on your way! My boy Cory, in BC keeps new matchbox cars in the glovebox of his truck, just for his geocache exploring! If you have a Garmin geocache GPS, and know how to use it, please stop in at the cafe, and show me. I love to geocache, but am lost on the technology! (My old age, I guess)!!
The Arboretum Christmas market is coming up fast! Hope you have it on your calendar. I know Arlene sold out of vendor tables quite some time ago!
The very next night, (Nov. 29) is the big SRO supper. This is the fundraiser for the School Resource Officer program. Such an important part of our school system and community. Please come out and have a yummy turkey supper and bid on a decorated Christmas Tree before the big dance starts! There will be at least 17 trees to choose from this year. Many businesses donate to this very worthy cause. If you would like to donate a gift, or money for this event, please contact Three Hills RCMP for details. Tickets available at Kletke Insurance, Sweetgrass Cafe, or TroVal Campus Two, at the office.
Hats off to Ray, for clearing the big branch on the path at the Arboretum. Huge job, and so appreciated!
If you have an event for your non-profit organization, you would like people to know about, drop me a line and bring it to Sweetgrass Cafe, I'll be sure to get it published.
That's it for This Week in Trochu. Take your vitamins, and remember to wash your hands often, singing happy birthday, and don't stop washing till the song is over.