Trochu News July 30, 2014


Curators of Trochu Arboretum
 The Arboretum Society of Trochu held the 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner for the Arboretum on Thursday, July 24. Along with many Arboretum supporters the past curators also attended, they were: Joanna Hibbs Webster 1997-99, Judy Reeds 2001-2005, Susan Jensen 2006-2011, Charlsey Whittemore and Charissa Kadar 2012 and Kirsty Leischner 2013-14. Proceeds raised from the dinner are going to proposed arboretum improvements such as pathway lanterns, possible partial paving of some passways and landscaping around the new interpretive centre.


The 25th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner of the Trochu and District Arboretum Society was held in the Trochu Community Centre on Thursday, July 24.
President Gail Ashcroft emceed the event. After the blessing, invoked by past board member Al Gerdung, a delicious roast beef dinner was enjoyed, catered by Mary Newton and her efficient young assistants.
The theme of the evening was "curators". Most of the past and present curators or head gardeners attended and gave interesting accounts both of their memories of their time at the Arboretum and their life since. The first head gardener was horticultural technician Dianne Sloan, who now owns and runs Red Lily Farm in Saskatchewan, where she grows over 500 lilies for export across the country and abroad as far as the Ukraine, as well as 200 gladioli. Ginny Sturgeon, who was curator from 1991-94, is now acting superintendent for the City of Calgary parks department, responsible for the NE quadrant of the city, including Calgary's largest play-park, Prairie Winds Park, where she was supervising an open house the night of our dinner. Both Ginny and Dianne were very sorry not to be able to attend in Trochu, but both sent interesting letters which were distributed to the diners. Curators, gardeners and Arboretum facility managers attending were Judy Reeds, Susan Jensen, Corry Kary, Joanne Hibbs Webster, Charlsey Whittemore, Charissa Kadar, Kirsty Leischner, Eleanor Brouard-John and Danielle Buckman.
Special invited guests included Doreen Peterson, the Society's first president, Al Gehring, mayor in 1989, Neil Downey and Lorne McArthur from Red Deer. Former Trochu area resident Lorne has donated 50 dahlia tubers to the Arboretum now flowing and being cared for by Society volunteer Dave Parrish.
Take time over the next few weeks and visit the Arboretum to view the displays!