Trochu News - June 17, 2015

Trochu and District Hall Development Society 300 Club winners for May were Jean Richmond, Karen Hogg, Denise Ogrodnick, Phyllis Fabian and Frank VanderKley.
Trochu Elks 200 Club winners for May were Paula Kowalchuk, Jack Layden, Wanda Peterson, Judy Downey and Lyle Peterson.
June 9th, Bingo and Birthday celebrations were held at the Drop-In. Those in attendance enjoyed ten games of bingo, called by Jim Deering. It was a lucky day for Maureen Nelson as she was the winner of the blackout and three other games. Happy Birthday was sung to those present to have their picture taken - Marj Deering, Margie Frere and Faye Schmidt. Everyone enjoyed birthday cake, coffee and visiting.
The 39th Anniversary of the Senior Drop In Centre and a memorial service was held on Thursday, June 11. President Jim Deering welcomed everyone to the anniversary celebration and the remembrance service of the 14 members who passed away since June 19th of last year. A much-enjoyed rendition of the song, In The Garden, was sung by Bert Adrian. Pastor Alan Powell conducted the dedication service with prayer and the reading of a psalm. The memorial plaque was unveiled to which the following names have been added. Joe de Beaudrap, Henry Greig, Gerry Hagar, Donnavon Haller, Ed Henkel, Phyl Henkel, Bill Kowalchuk, Anna Meding, Lizzie Nelson, Max Reichel, Inex Schimke, Otto Schimke, Fran Soloway and Linda Tetz. Jim announced the names of the deceased and Donna Pride presented each family member present with a rose. Marina Adrian provided the music accompaniment for the singing of Amazing Grace. Pastor Powell closed the service with prayer. A beautifully decorated anniversary cake and coffee was served which concluded a wonderful day of remembrance and fellowship.
Royal Purple
The Trochu Royal Purple Elks Lodge #71 held their meeting on June 9 with 19 members present, including Heather Campbell being initiated.
Margaret Stankievech was presented for her service pin for 65 years. The following received pins for perfect attendance: Shirley Smyth - 36 years, Jean Frere - 35, Irene Diack - 34, Theresa Adams - 18, Barbara Mancini - 17, Ella Lammle - 13, Suzanne Massey - 11, and Sandra Beaver - 4. Also Theresa Adams received her Amethyst for Treasurer Jewell, HR Ella Lammle received her Amethyst for HRL Jewel. Congratulations to all the members on their service. Donations were made to the following: St. Mary's Lodge - $1,000 for supplies, $1,000 to the Trochu Valley fitness, $500 to Ronald McDonald House - Red Deer, $500 - Trochu Flower Show for rental of building, $300 to STARS Air Ambulance, money for Kindergarten bags was donated to Trochu Valley School. Plans are underway for the July 1 float.