Get a clearer picture of what is happening

Dear Editor;

You recently published a letter on April 26th (from Saskatchewan) that warned us not to get involved in places like Ukraine and Syria. While the writer’s view was interesting, she used her opinions as though they were facts to support her case. She called Ukraine “Nazi supporters” and ignored the repeated Russian aggression that created the problem in the first place. The same thing happened with her Syria view where she ignored Assad’s violent suppression of the Arab Spring uprising that led to the civil war.

A different writer (this one from BC) wrote several times in the fall about Israel and the Palestinians, and then again on April 12 about the USA having military bases in Canada. He went so far as to say “Perhaps Canada should declare its independence of the US”. He doesn’t bring up the point that the reason Canada can afford its many social programs (like health care) is we are protected by the US and so spend very little on our military. Again, this writer has used his own opinions instead of historic facts to support his views.

I urge the local residents to read the news for themselves and draw their own conclusions based on historic facts, rather than listening to the opinions of others. The Capital is a great source of local news, while the CBC is good for provincial and national news. Finally, the BBC is a good source for international news. Even better, find your own sources and read several of them to get a clearer picture of what is happening in our world.

David Parrish

Trochu, AB