Without free speech and access to a free press, we would not be free

To the Editor;
Re: “This is my last letter to The Capital”; May 10, 2017.
Quote: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.
I certainly hope that the author continues writing letters to the paper.
Why? Without our right to free speech and access to a free press, we would not be free.
Only by being vocal about our concerns and by voting, can we protect our democracy. However, saying that, we must be careful not to advocate violence, not advocate the violent overthrow of our governments (local, provincial and federal), nor advocate hatred of people based on such factors as religion, politics, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, language, region, etc.
I respect people who voice their opinions in public. Even though I do not often agree, I respect their right to express opinions.
Too many people, in my opinion, would rather gossip, sling malicious comments about their neighbours, spread rumours (without using facts), or complain about our politicians (but they won’t attend public meetings, won’t write letters to their representatives, or won’t run for public office themselves). As the old saying goes, “Talk is cheap”.

George E. Thatcher
Trochu, AB