Community rallies following tornado damage

To the Editor;

I have to let the people of the Three Hills and Trochu communities know how much their support has meant to Donna and me over the last couple of days. We were up by Red Earth when we started getting texts that a tornado had hit our place. Norris Hogg asked what he could do to help, Phil Ward called and Donna spent the next three hours on the phone with different concerned neighbours and friends.

We came back three days earlier than planned, getting home Saturday night around 10 PM. After looking at the damage and seeing a weather forecast calling for 90 percent chance of rain Sunday night and Monday I decided to ask for some help to see if we could stop the damage to the inside insulation and drywall which would surely occur with the east side of the roof gone.

Vance Neudorf called a couple of friends and in no time we had a dozen people willing to help put the roof back on. Gord and Bonnie Snell (by far the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for) came over and helped direct people. Arnie Bjorn and Lyle Evans met me at Home hardware and pulled up all the metal they could find as well as screws, nails and 2 by 4s. Cyril Healy called Stan Martin from Trochu UFA and he found another 25 sheets of metal for us, which Cyril picked up.

By 2:30 we had enough materials and by 3:00 PM we were tearing off the broken and mangled strapping and old sheets of metal. John Hamm, and son-in-law Ryan Dixon, went up on the house and shingled the spots with bare wood on the house. Don Maxwell and his son Kevin started building the gable while Nathan Esselink, Luke Ironside, and Colton Mueller straightened trusses and started strapping them. Ryan Smith brought out a picker with a basket and Ryan Bellamy worked at getting other wreckage out of the way. Bonnie Snell had her front end loader over and moved some of the mess. Everyone worked like troopers and by 9:30 pm the building was protected with the roof on. By the time we cleaned up the tools it was raining.

I thank God that no one was injured and also for each and every person who talked and worked with us as it is so great to be in a community that honours God by showing concern in their actions as well as words.

Twenty-two years ago Donna, our two girls and I were living in that same building. I was away getting hay for our horses when it burnt to the ground. It was a huge loss and I did not feel it was right to ask for help as I thought our insurance would take care of it. After seven years and a court battle, we were handed a lawyer bill and no insurance.

This time I accepted the offered help and made new friends with some people who I did not know but were willing to help. Thank you again to all the friends old and new it means a lot. Thanks to Larry Penner for stopping by Monday morning with an offer to help, as well as, Tim Shearlaw in publishing this.

Glenn Brown

Three Hills, AB