Kicking the can down the road

To the Editor;

Badlands Motorsports Resort (BMR) is a proposed racetrack for high powered cars and motorcycles, up to 400 per day in the Rosebud River Valley, in the southeast corner of Kneehill County bordering Wheatland County. Four Kneehill councillors ignored the entire community and landowners of the Rosebud River Valley at two public hearings. Rosebud River residents are clear - the valley is to valuable as wildlife habitat. Too many threatened species rely on the sanctuary of the valley. Turning this location into a racetrack is unnecessary destruction.

On May 9th I attended the Kneehill County Council meeting. Agenda item 5.3.2 was a “Subdivision Application submitted by Badlands Motorsports Resort”. The Planning and Development manager for the county then presented a six-page document to the council which also included a recommendation that the application be passed on to the Municipal Planning Commission. The recommendation contained 14 conditions that would have to be met. Council approved. Now, council goes into “closed session” to discuss a “Legal Matter.” When “open session” resumed council passed a motion that read as follows: “Council directs administration to enter into a development agreement with the Badlands Resort Development Corporation in regards to the construction of the access road to Badlands Motor Resort.”

Not sure what all is going on here but originally BMR was directed by council to get “right of ways” from six landowners along their access road. They got two of six to sign up. So the road, I guess, is going to be built off to one side then down the middle and then back to one side again. Seems like the racing may start as soon as they leave the #9 hwy. One landowners “right of way “ was quite critical as they had both sides for a mile. No switching from side to side here!!

In early 2015 the Municipal Government Board ruled in favour of Wheatland County over Kneehill County in regards to the access road. The access road now has to be built to BMR’s own Transportation Impact Assessment standards and finished prior to the opening of the racecourse.

We have been told time after time by different councillors that the road cannot be built without at least one more landowners “right of way”. So why does Kneehill Council continue to spend tax payers money and waste the valuable time of administration on a project that is going nowhere?

Why do they keep kicking the can down the road?

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Rick Skibsted

A Kneehill County Taxpayer