Can the weather change for the better?

To the Editor:

The winds of change seem to be blowing strongly these days. When we moved from the north to this area about 12 years ago, we were astounded by the atmosphere of service and volunteerism – particularly Seniors Outreach. Its founders were truly altruistic arranging services for health and wellness for this region of several communities. We immediately became involved. Kudos to the coordinators over the years who spent countless volunteer hours to make the program the envy of the rest of Alberta.

The strongest wind seems to be the current government whose profligate spending in other areas has dried up grant money to keep the seniors service going. Citizen Shearlaw is to be commended for putting on a successful fundraiser to keep the seniors program viable for the region. The event last month brought folks from all over the service area who respect the program’s goals and who make use of its services. But the program needs sustainable funding. It would be a frightful shame if this REGIONAL program would have to close for lack of financial support.

A casual observer just needs to note the regional nature of such entities as the bus service and drop-in centre (participants from several communities) which cater to communities within the county.

I am personally grateful, as are many others, for the dedication to service by the staff whose countless volunteer hours have been devoted to adding quality of life to seniors as well as other community members. I am personally very saddened to hear that some key staff are leaving whether it’s from burnout or other reasons. I am also personally grateful for the board who do everything they can to keep the program viable.

Can the weather change for the better? The users would like to see the services of Seniors Outreach continue. Does the province share the view to support seniors services? The County? The communities within the county boundaries? Let’s vote for good weather, gentle breezes, and a climate that promotes growth.

Harvey Burkholder

Three Hills, AB