Municipal Development Plan Public Hearing June 26

To the Editor;
On June 26, 2017 there will be a public hearing for any affected individuals or groups to comment to Kneehill County Council about the proposed Municipal Development Plan.
This is the most important planning document for the County. For the most part the goals and policies will make anything go in this county. Your residence or farm may be the next victim to spot zoning by a neighbour. Your favorite natural area may be the victim of inappropriate economic development.
Are you concerned about preserving one of our most important resources, agricultural land? Are you concerned about incompatible uses interfering with your agricultural operations? The language and focus has changed. Old MDP language was “protect agricultural land from unnecessary encroachment”. New MDP language is “continuing to preserve the agricultural nature of the County”. Do you suppose the new language only pays lip service to agriculture?
Have you considered undesirable industrial or commercial use in your community?
The old MDP had the future growth area around the town of Three Hills.
The new MDP now proposes miles of industrial and commercial near Acme, Huxley, Torrington, and along Highway 9 around the Horseshoe Canyon and adjacent to the town of Drumheller and Wheatland County.
Are you concerned about the industrial use that your neighbour may sell out to right next door? Perhaps your area will have a slaughter house, a land fill, a truck stop, or a racetrack! Beware! Spot zoning of commercial can happen anywhere in the County.
If you live in Drumheller you may be wondering why Kneehill County would encourage commercial development away from the town. If you live in Wheatland County you may be wondering what will end up across the highway. Intermunicipal development plans with neither of these municipalities have been completed. Where is regional planning?
I have personally asked Kneehill Council three times to engage in a meeting with the people of the Horseshoe Canyon area. I was baffled that they did not jump at the chance for dialogue when a community expressed interest. Could it be they do not wish to justify this map?
Regardless of your point of view, please take the time to review the New MDP. The link is on the front page at Email and let’s have a discussion.

Wendy Clark
Rosebud, AB
Kneehill County