Proud of the leadership our Region has taken

Dear Editor;
I am taking this opportunity in an open letter to sincerely thank the residents of Trochu for their support over the past, nearly seven years as I plan to conclude my second and final term on Town of Trochu Council this fall.
It has been a truly humbling experience and gratifying for the most part….quite an eye-opener to be sure! Things do take on a different ‘look’ when sitting around the Council table and I assure you, not a responsibility that I took lightly.
This said, I would strongly urge residents of Trochu (as well as other communities) to consider learning about what it means to be an elected official for your municipality. Have ‘you’ considered running for office in the October 2017 Municipal Election? I especially invite those who are typically less represented: women, new Canadians and those individuals younger than retirement age, to strongly consider this suggestion. The experience of creating and refining local by-laws and their governance is not only essential, but enriching. In my estimation, it is not the strengths of any one person that an effective Council makes; it is indeed the cross-section, the mixture of individuals and the dynamic created, by this interaction of local leaders at the table. Beyond this suggestion, please do make sure and get out to vote for those whose names are on the ballot come fall; those elected will be representing you for the next four-year term.
In closing, I would like to commend the past and current Mayors/ Reeves and Councils throughout Kneehill Region for giving their time, ideas and dedication to making our communities stronger together. In these current times, of ‘collaboration’ with Federal, Provincial and Local governments, I am proud of the leadership our Region has taken and continues to model for other municipalities.


Val Warnock
Trochu, AB