Support the UCP today!

To the Editor;

The political genius of Marilyn Burns (based on a letter published in the Red Deer Advocate recently) amazes me. Frankly it has for many years. I find it ironic and funny that she claims that the new United Conservative Party (UCP) is a “betrayal by former Wildrose Leader Brian Jean” - especially when you consider original Wildrose Leader and MLA Mr. Paul Hinman fully backs the UCP.

Then there is the fact that Marilyn Burns has been secretly in contact with ex-PC Alberta Cabinet Minister Stephen Mandel and Alberta Party leader Greg Clark to come up with the basic concept of the Alberta Advantage Party (AAP).

So, really, just how right wing would the new AAP party really be?

People such as Marilyn should suck it up and support Unity. Support the UCP today!

Rory J. Koopmans

Edmonton, AB