Several issues that our politicians need to work on

To the Editor;

Re: Several issues that our politicians need to work on.

One: Our Federal Minister of Justice proposes to cure the problem of intoxicated drivers by lowering the legal limit from 80 milligrams to 50 milligrams. Not going to work. Why? Despite all the warnings about drinking and driving, intoxicated drivers are killing, on average, 4 Canadians per day and injuring at least 100 more.

I have written to my MLA Nathan Cooper and to my MP Kevin Sorenson before about this issue. Until the penalties are severe enough, intoxicated drivers will continue to drive. My solution: Drivers under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both should receive 10 years in prison for each person they kill, and five years in prison for each person they injure.

Seems harsh? Talk to the victims’ families about it. Talk to the police officers, EMS personnel, doctors, nurses, and social workers who have to deal with the effects of these tragic incidents.

Two: Canada selling weapons to the Saudis. The Liberals sold $15 billion of military hardware to the Saudis, a country with a terrible human rights records towards women, Shias, and other minorities.

However, it was the Harper (Conservatives) gov’t who initially proposed selling weapons to the Saudis, and Justin Trudeau promised to kill the sale. So much for promises, eh?

The Liberals promised to kill the F-35 fighter program (Lockheed Martin) which the Harper government had initially agreed to purchase. Again promises, and we the taxpayers still don’t know how much Canada has kicked in to finance this aircraft. It has become the most expensive military weapon system in history, and the costs keep climbing. Why are we supporting a US company that is producing “a lemon”, an over expensive piece of junk?

Three: Liberals and Conservatives are very good at spending our money.

For example, both have donated/loaned money to Bombardier, and both have loaned/donated money to the Aga Khan, a multibillionaire who owns his own island in the Caribbean. Why?

I believe that our politician should be working together to solve the many issues that are affecting our society (ever increasing personal debt, especially among seniors; foreign takeover of our businesses, our property, and our farms; closing the tax loopholes that allow the wealthiest members of our society to avoid paying their fair share in taxes (re: The Panama Papers); pay equity for women; drunk drivers; our changing economy, like robots taking the place of human workers; diversifying our economy and less dependency on oil; less on trade with the Americans; funding private businesses; funding private schools (did Albertans vote on this matter?); aid to foreign countries with dubious human right records; countries who finance “proxy wars” in the Middle East; etc.

Instead our politicians waste time on “wedge issues” (Omar Khadr; Sikh turbans; Muslim refugees; American refugees; the Pill; abortions; restrooms; gays, etc.) Remember the flag debates of the 1960s? Did Canada go to Hades because it adopted the Maple Leaf? Remember the way Japanese-Canadians were treated in the 1940s? Why? Did they really help Japan? How about the rejection of Jewish refugees in the 1930s? Why? How about the “Yellow Peril” in the early 1900s? (anti- Chinese hysteria)? Why? How about the women’s rights to vote and to hold political office (women are too emotional; women are not smart enough; women are not tough enough; women will destroy the family; society will cease to exist; the moral fibre of women will decline; etc.)?

Did Canada cease to exist because it took on these issues? Can we imagine the suffering and the hardships our parents and grandparents had to endure from the early 1900s to the 1940s (WW I, The Great Depression, The Dirty Thirties, and WW II)?

We should stop “playing politics”. In my humble opinion.

George E. Thatcher