They continue to deny what is happening

To the Editor:
Perhaps The Capital should do a survey of people within the Kneehill District to see how many individuals are so, um, ah, “out of touch” with the reality of climate change as is last week’s submission (Letters, Sept. 20). I can’t believe that the writer speaks for many of the more scholarly individuals in that area.
It is true that, in an attempt to convince climate change deniers of the truth, some individuals will go to the opposite extreme. I have found that in the number of newspapers, magazines, on-line newsletters, etc., to which I subscribe, there tends to be a lot of biased rhetoric on both sides of the issue.
I have also found that once convinced of the truth of the science behind climate change, or “climate variation” as I like to call it, the more intelligent person understands the reason why it is necessary to do all we can in our individual lives, as well as our society as a whole, to reduce the amount of CO2 being emitted into our atmosphere.
There are the Harperites, the coal miners, the oil fraternity, who will never be convinced of this, because their livelihood depends on the promotional politics of the fossil fuel industry. So, they continue to deny what is happening.
I might add, that there is another segment of our productive society that also tends to ignore their contribution to CO2 creation. Sorry, folks, but here is another fact: bovines, those beautiful animals that produce most of the milk we drink and the meat we eat are responsible for 37% of anthropogenic methane emissions (and methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2). This doesn’t include the other aspects of beef and cow production:
· Emission of methane from manure fermentation.
· The 8.6 % fossil fuel used to raise them.
· The 15% greenhouse gas produced in their feed production.
· The 33% land use in raising them.
At least they supply some food value, so you can feel a bit righteous about that, but wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all became vegetarians? And climate change supporters?

Frank Martens
Summerland, BC

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