The climate has always changed and always will

To the Editor;

In response to (Sept. 27 Capital).

In response to last week’s letter - “They continue to deny what is happening”, I would encourage the writer, in the future, to present a reasoned argument regarding climate change rather than attack people as “out of touch” or question their intelligence. This type of discourse does nothing to progress intelligent debate.

I don’t question climate change. It has always changed and always will. The question is whether climate change is the result of human greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Leo and Gore will tell you at every opportunity, before boarding their private jets, that it is. The intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) says GHG emissions are very likely (90-99 percent certain) the cause, but the IPCC is a political organization with an agenda. Even if you believe their dogma, the next question is what is the result? The models show that “catastrophic” temperature increases will result and sea levels will rise, causing millions of people to be displaced.

A recently released study shows climate models have overstated warming by two to three times the observed temperatures since the year 2000. Is this because the models use climate sensitivity ranges of 1.5-4.5 degrees Celsius? Recent evidence shows the range based on observational data is 1.25 to 3.0 degrees Celsius and a best estimate of 1.75 degrees for a doubling of CO2. The models can’t even correlate observed records, yet we are to believe the models can forecast the global average temperatures in the year 2100. And is an increase in temperature really a bad thing? My wife would certainly appreciate a longer growing season for her garden.

As for sea level, it has not been rising as a result of increases in the global average temperature. According to NASA satellite data sea levels have actually declined in the last couple of years.

There have also been numerous studies over that last three years that show a strong correlation between solar cycles and climate. If true, the earth may be about to enter a cooling phase, as the sun spot levels in the current cycle are the lowest seen since the last Maunder Minimum.

From my reading, it is clear that the science is not settled and science is not settled for most hypotheses’. For more information, I encourage people to read the work of, among others, Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. Judith Curry and Dr. Tim Ball. I assure you, these three are much more knowledgeable on the subject and very likely more intelligent (and scholarly) than me and the writer of last week’s letter. You can also get good information at and

The last point made about the methane release is irrelevant without first proving one’s case on the outcomes of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (climate change/variation).

For the record, I will not become a vegetarian any time soon, and I do suggest that anyone who prays at the alter of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming wean themselves off all carbon based fuels. It is the only just thing to do given your beliefs. How about you start with the eliminating all forms of carbon based heating and power from your homes.

Brett Berg

Huxley, AB