Kneehill County, please get out and vote!

To the Editor;

First of all I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the nominees for Kneehill County Council. Thank you as well for the dedicated service of each council member who decided to step down at this time.

Your June 28 Kneehill Council report described in some detail the public hearing held for the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). This is the most important planning document in the County. Two information sessions for comments on the draft MDP were held and I’m told a grand total of zero persons attended. A third session, combined with the annual update on the county, netted a few more attendees and the public hearing itself a handful of comments. Meanwhile, a questionnaire was sent out with a County newsletter to get input on the draft. This questionnaire was responded to by a grand total of 22 out of 5,000 residents...that’s correct - 22. Each councillor could have sat down for coffee with three residents and obtained better results. Surprisingly, Kneehill administration spent a considerable amount of time turning these 22 surveys into statistics with percentages. Really, people, is that how much we care about our county?

What should we really take away from those surveys? Obviously, not much! The first question should be: “How can we get a better response from our residents?” The next questions should be: “Was the survey itself difficult to respond to?” If so: “Recognizing the current method of obtaining public input is not working, what is your plan to engage your residents?”

Most importantly, please get out and vote!


Wendy Clark

Rosebud, Alberta

Kneehill County resident