The worst decision you will ever make

To the Editor;

I want to point out to people the dangers of throwing cigarette butts out on the road, especially during terribly dry conditions. Out of control fires can have bad results, such as possible deaths, or burned down houses.

First, the fires can cause so much destruction. For example, our friend’s house was burned down while she was at work. Another example is, my neighbour’s farmyard was very close to being burned down. The same fire was two miles away from my grandma’s farmyard, before it was controlled by firefighters and farmers using discs to create fireguards.

Secondly, there is the chance of death. For example, down in Medicine Hat, a father of four kids (a volunteer firefighter) was killed. He got in a crash and died, because the smoke from the fire made it very hard to see. Do keep in mind that many rural firefighters are volunteers. That means that they don’t get paid for putting out the fire.

Last, all this municipal firefighting costs thousands and thousands of dollars! Everything costs money - the trucks, the water, loss of equipment and work hours for volunteers.

So the next time you roll down your window, remember the homes, the families, and the expenditure of money. Just one flick of the finger can be the worst decision you will ever make.


Willem Grabinsky

(11 years old)