Grave concern about precedent

Dear Editor;

As your Member of Parliament, I have been hearing an outpouring of concern and objection to the Liberal government in Ottawa’s adding a new “attestation” requirement for those applying for a grant to hire a student under the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs Program. There is grave concern about the precedent that is being set when Canadians are required to take a “values test” to access government services. This is a misuse of government’s power by the Prime Minister and it is hurting organizations who are applying for these grants and doing valuable work across the country. You can be assured that the entire Conservative Caucus is doing everything that we can to stand up against this abuse of power.

I would like to communicate a couple of suggestions to the organizations in my riding who are applying for this grant. The February 2nd deadline is fast approaching and I do not wish to have any in my riding to go without. First, make sure to apply for these grants even if you have concerns about this new requirement, and ensure that you fill the application out completely and as required.

It has been suggested that organizations print off the application, ‘check’ the attestation and include a note explaining your organization’s mandate and mission (the application will then need to be mailed).

Second, in a separate email, you may want to write to the Prime Minister ( stating your objection to the imposition of the current government’s opinions onto the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs Program, applicants, students, and all Canadians.

Feel free to contact my office if you have questions about this or if you require assistant filling out the application (780-608-4600 or


Hon. Kevin Sorenson, MP

Battle River-Crowfoot