Time to give welfare oil the boot!

To the Editor;

A long time ago, an oil company approached my parents on their farm four miles west of Three Hills with an offer to lease a few acres for drilling a couple of wells. The site selected was pasture land, well below the well we used for water for ourselves. In those days you could drill down 50 feet and hit pure water, so we weren’t worried about any pollution. Fracking was unheard of. Since the oil wells weren’t going to interfere with the cattle we raised we said, “Why not?” The rigs were there just for a short time before “donkeys” were installed and production began. I think every farmer in the area at that time had oil wells on their properties. Of course, we had no mineral rights so all we got was a few dollars for the lease.

Now oil production has increased dramatically in Alberta, with atmospheric pollution, ground water pollution, habitat contamination as well as toxic waste in former forests that will never be rehabilitated – no matter all the promises in the world from the oil companies. To top it off they want to send the crap to other countries via pipelines through the pristine wilderness of BC, where sure as all the tea in China there will be spills into fish-bearing rivers and oceans with herring, salmon and Orca whales.

Just because a corrupt National Energy Board gives their rubber stamp approval for a pipeline doesn’t mean Killer Morgan has the social license to build it. Trudeau and Notley are hypocrites on a grand scale or just cuckolds for a very polluting industry. Do Canadians understand the social and environmental costs of oil spills from pipelines, or from tankers? Time to give welfare oil the boot!!


Frank Martens

Summerland, BC