Nothing was done and concerns of the Rosebud community were ignored

Dear Editor;

Re: Badlands Motorsports Resort working to finalize plans

As stated on the front page of the Three Hills Capital on February 28, 2018, the southern border of this property does not rest on the boundary of Wheatland County; it rests in Wheatland County and as such is part of the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan.

The reason why there is nothing like this built in either Alberta or Saskatchewan is simply because it is not sustainable due to weather conditions and a small population base.

Initially the county asked the proponent to get seven landowners to sell them right-of–ways for road widening. They could only obtain two right-of-ways. Consequently, they are now forced to shift the center of the road and to build retaining walls along some portions of the road.

There is a whole community fighting this development.

Acoustical Consultants Inc. noise study is grossly slanted in favor of the racetrack. The study was done with Badlands Motorsport Resort’s own input data. Every 10dB increase doubles the noise. When the input is 81 - 95dBs in their study and then advertised up to 106dBs on their website that is two to three times more noise than stated in their own study.

The Badland Motorsports study then averaged the study input levels (81-95dB) that should have been evaluated based on 106dBs. Badland’s modeling severely discounts the noise levels heard by both humans and wildlife.

Rosebud’s own acoustics expert twice requested that Kneehill Council order a third party redo of the acoustic study with realistic input data and modeling. Nothing was done and concerns of the Rosebud community were ignored.

The proponents own old website under Q and A’s:

“As there will be many different price levels for memberships, members will likely drive a broad range of cars such as Mustangs, Subarus, Miatas, S2000s, Corvettes, Porsches, BMWs, exotic cars, and dedicated track cars like Radicals, Arial Atoms. Formula cars and Sports racers”.

This does not sound like quiet street legal cars.

It was convenient for Badlands Motorsports that the old Kneehill County councilors were inclined to change the Bylaws of their Municipal Development Plan to make this development fit.

With all their applications now in to Alberta Environment and Parks under Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the Water Act, the onus is now on Badlands Motorsports to prove this race track could not be built in a more appropriate location. Ideally, a location where it would have minimal effects on any river valley, wetlands or wildlife.

I say good luck proving that.

Rick Skibsted

Rosebud, AB