Badlands proposal is NOT a done deal

To the Editor;

I was surprised to read the front page article, “Badlands Motorsports Resort working to finalize plans”, and learn that the development is apparently close to reality- “hoping to move earth in the late summer or early fall 2018”.

My understanding is that there are environmental issues relating to land and water (wetlands drainage etc.) and plants and wildlife that have not yet been approved by the Alberta Environment. The article states that this project is on Mr. Zelazo’s land and he can do what he wants but the reality is that with a proposal of this scale ,there will be impacts that will affect wildlife corridors and other land nearby, roads and the Rosebud River itself.

I understand that Rocky Mountain Racetrack near Carstairs is to completion with all the necessary government approvals. Having this Badlands development doesn’t make sense from an economic point of view even if the environmental concerns were met. Mention in the article of the noise not being an issue is not taking into account that one of the current big tourist attractions of the Rosebud River Valley is its beauty and peacefulness. With motor noise, increased traffic, the area will lose its appeal for many visitors

The Badlands proposal is NOT a done deal and readers of The Capital should question as to the appropriateness and benefit of the Badlands Motorsports Resort for Kneehill and Wheatland Counties.

Ann Gray-Elton

Beynon, AB