Land designated as an Environmentally Significant Area

To the Editor:

The Feb. 28 article about the Badlands Motorsports Resort fails to mention that most of the land where they propose to build their racetrack resort is designated by County and Provincial law as in an ESA – Environmentally Significant Area – in which, by law, development is to be avoided at all costs. The last Kneehill Council rezoned it as “Direct Control” to circumvent this legal requirement and allow a highly destructive development that will obliterate a large tract of fragile environmentally significant land.

I trust the new Council will be more attentive to the law, and to the wishes of the dozens or hundreds of citizens who have written letters and crowded Council chambers over and over in the last few years to voice their objections to this devastating development.

And since when is the noise from numerous Ferraris and Porsches all racing at top speed “minimal” as Mr. Zelazo claims in this article?

Crystal Elliott

I am a landowner in Division 7