One-sided war against a largely unarmed populace

To the Editor:

I can understand that Canadian papers are hesitant in printing anything at all about the recent killings of 16 (or possibly more by now) Palestinians in Gaza for fear of being labelled “anti-Semitic,” because even our Prime Minister has been taken in by the Israeli apartheid government.

You have watched the TV episodes showing mostly young men throwing or hurling rocks at well armed Israeli soldiers, backed up by tanks and snipers in towers, across the massive wire fence separating the two.

All of this could have been avoided had the Israelis withdrawn back far enough so the stones would not have even come close. Did it occur to you as you watched why they didn’t do this? Was it necessary to execute the boys and young men for the crime of throwing stones? Was it necessary to take such action against a largely peaceful demonstration of men and women?

No doubt there were some weapons displayed by the Hamas soldiers of Gaza. But, to our knowledge, none of them were killed by the Israelis. Is it possible that this is just another way for the justification of another war against Gaza’s largely civilian population, a population that is controlled by Israeli military on three sides? A population that is under constant 24-hour harassment by Israeli drones? A population that is on the verge of starvation because humanitarian aid is now limited since the American withdrawal of contributions through the UN?

This could be the beginning of another very one-sided war against a largely unarmed populace by the fourth most powerful army in the world. In the last Israeli war in Gaza, over 2700 Gazan civilians were killed, among them over 400 children. Israel lost 67 soldiers and 10 civilians.

Frank Martens

Summerland, BC