Medical Support Staff Award nominations open

To the Editor;

A vital component in the health care picture is, of course, the medical support staff who work daily and tirelessly with our physicians to ensure wellness in the region. These people may be front and centre or quite often, behind the scenes. They do, however, cover all the bases from nursing care to physical plant maintenance, dietary needs to office duties, paramedical team work to technical and lab procedures and everything in between.

You may already know of our “Medical Support Staff Award”, whereby the citizens of the Kneehill region are asked to nominate that medical support staff person who make, or have made, a difference to the quality of care for you or a loved-one. Please take the time to, not only Praise them verbally (although that, too, is terrific) but to also send a short written submission to the undersigned before June 1. You may also see yellow postcards situated in highly visible areas throughout the Kneehill Region, at Kneehill Medical Clinic, Three Hills Hospital, Trochu Hospital, Carbon Town office, Acme Town office, and Linden Town office where you may jot down your choice for nominee and pop it into the accompanying box. Two deserving nominees will be chosen, have their names engraved on one of the two existing plaques then proudly displayed in their place of employment within the Kneehill Region during the next year.

Please print legibly, sign and date your entry, do not nominate a relative, and submit by June 1 to: Councillor Al Campbell, Box 181, Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0 or email to

With Appreciation

Kneehill Regional Dr. Attraction & Retention Committee