It’s all a charade to delay until after the next elections

To the Editor;

This past week was interesting for a news junkie like myself. The fully expected spectacle of the federal government announcing the purchase of the Kinder Morgan pipeline with the support and approval of the Alberta NDP with no firm time-line or cost analysis means that the present and future generations of Canadians will be paying for these decisions with no guarantee of any pipeline expansion taking place. This even though Kinder Morgan had financing and approvals in place and only wanted assurance that governments would support what they had approved. Seeing Premier Notley doing high fives with her fellow socialists about the nationalization of a private company when all of them were opposed to the oil sands and pipelines before their surprise election, along with PM Trudeau playing to his supporters in B.C. and Quebec who would sooner import oil from abroad at greater expense than buy from a fellow province show to a cynic like me that it is all a charade to delay until after the next elections. After that they will use the protesters and pseudo environmentalists to delay and eventually kill future development, but hey, we tried to buy social license with carbon taxes and punitive regulations, so doesn’t Canada look good on the world stage. It helps PM Trudeau and Premier Notley with their resumes when they look to the UN for positions after Canadians come to their senses and turf them.

After reflecting on this and other depressing events, I attended Cruise weekend. It is uplifting and encouraging to see this community work together to put on an event that has been recognized nationally. Many people spend countless hours organizing and working all year prior to and during the weekend to make it a success, knowing that all their efforts are completely dependent on the weather. A storm can and has shut every thing down. A year ago Saturday a tornado came through our yard narrowly missing our and neighbour’s houses but taking the roof of our neighbours shed and business. Two days later a group of volunteers showed up after church and by evening the roof was replaced. An interesting aside, during Cruise Saturday a whirlwind came through our church booth, Bethel on the West end of Main Street, lifted and carried the food tent down the street, fortunately only minor injuries and damage occurring.

The cynic and curmudgeon in me wants to see the faults and defects in our political leaders, but fortunately I have friends, neighbours and people I do not know in this community who bless and encourage me. Sunday our church had a service in Anderson Park. We ordained a young Pastor and his family while enjoying the beauty and great facilities that surrounded us. I recognize that God created all of this, but also realize and appreciate those who worked and continue to work to make it viable and available. To those, the Cruise Weekend people, Arts Academy, as well as well as the many other groups and organizations who had the foresight and determination to make this a fantastic place to live, thank you.

Gord Snell

Three Hills